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About us

In January 2022 our beautiful baby boy arrived 11 weeks earlier than planned, weighing a tiny 895g (less than a bag of sugar!). We went on to spend 10 weeks in our local neonatal unit, watching our strong boy fight his way through.
NICU is a lonely place & at times can be very hard and disheartening. You have nowhere to turn and no one to talk to, despite being with other parents going through the same thing. Seeing the mental and physical stresses this journey brought us and other parents, we knew we had to support other families going forward.
We know too well that during this time, the first time to go is self-care. Taking time to make a coffee or grab lunch feels wrong. You want to spend every second there and it’s not possible, nor is it healthy for you.
This is where Tiny But Mighty was born! We hope to remind parents.
Self care isn’t selfish.
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