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What we do

Tiny But Mighty has become Swindon’s leading neonatal charity, supporting parents and staff. We send out NICU care packages throughout the year directly to our local unit. Our packages are put together to encourage positive health & wellbeing. It’s a reminder that at one of the most stressful times of a parent’s life. Self-care isn’t selfish.

Whilst our focus is in Swindon. We have helped more than 12 hospitals across the South & South West. If your neonatal unit would like support from us, please get in touch. 

Our packages are distributed by neonatal nurses based on parents’ length of stay. If you’re local but have been transferred to another hospital. Please contact us directly.
support postpartum recovery

Emergency overnight bags

Alongside our care packages, we supply parents who have unexpectedly ended up in labour with emergency overnight bags. These bags are designed to support postpartum recovery. In many cases, parents are not prepared for their unexpected arrivals. To help ease pressure on both mum & dad, we are here to help.
other ways you can donate

Christmas care packages

Each year we will supply our local unit with care packages for parents and babies. We also supply food hampers for the festive season & bring a little cheer to those spending Christmas Day in NICU.
Each donation makes a huge difference

Ward Donations

Being in NICU not only impacts your mental well-being but also has a huge financial impact on families. We aim to keep the parent pantry stocked with non-perishable items to allow parents to take a break. Be that for a quick coffee or a lunch break.
Our donations will also include essentials currently bought by parents, as an additional extra. Such
  • Preemie Dummies
  • Brand new Preemie clothing for first time baby wear.
  • Breastfeeding aids
  • Parent and baby arts and crafts
  • Black & white books for all baby cots
  • Puzzle books
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